June 10th, 2005



It's not payday, but I will celebrate nonetheless. And you will, too, when you go here (just a "music video", don't worry).

My sister called yesterday, it looks like we'll be able to meet in Chicago and share a room to get to my uncle's memorial service next month. A dead uncle is not so great, but a visit with my sister evens things out a little.

Brian got home last night. You know what I hate about Brian? You know one thing I hate about Brian? He has this horrid desk lamp that he must have on during his every waking hour. He turns it on in the morning and the damn thing burns through the day, whether he is at his desk, in the room, in the house, or not. It has two settings, "intense" and "all your retina are belong to us". Naturally, he insists upon the latter. The lamp is not large. You are supposed to place it on your work surface and aim its evil beam at your task. Brian likes to keep it high on top of his desk's hutch. Eye level. He'll be home all weekend.


Great moments in parenting

"Oh my god, you do not have livejournal. Do not put me in your livejournal!"
"You are so in my livejournal. You're all over it."
"No. No! Do NOT put me in your livejournal. I do not need all those nerds peering at my life through their eight-inch glasses."
"This is definitely going in my livejournal."
"Dad! DAD! Dad, did you know about mom's livejournal?"
"He doesn't care about livejournal." (He doesn't.)