June 3rd, 2005


My new trick

I just finished writing a set of special reports for a special user who has made my life special for some time now. The good news is that I think I have figured out how to make a different picture show up next to my post. I will know once I press the "update" button. Here goes...

Yippee! Get ready for a panoply of fabulous little pictures. But first I should do some sleeping.

Birthday etc.

Yesterday I went to pick up Victoria at the babysitter's and the sitter ordered that I sit down. "Look at this!" and she hurled a little box at me. It was a sparkly necklace and earring set. "What do you think of that?" She looked disgusted. I said it was very nice. "Ridiculous. Alia gave it to me. Three hundred dollars she spent--and I need three hundred dollars! They do too! And flowers--two dozen roses." She shook her head and took back the jewelry. "I won't keep this. I will give it to my niece in Minnesota. She's graduating. I don't want to spend no money on a bloody gift."

Of course this was her way of letting me know that it was her birthday. I dutifully admired her gifts and then she asked if people gave flowers to boys. I said that people did and she wrapped up half of her roses for me to take to Chris as a graduation present. Then she said, "You know what you need to get for Chris?" I had some ideas, but she went on, "You should go to Baskin Robbins and get him an ice cream cake. You know those little ice cream cakes?" She put her hands around the perfect little ice cream cake she was imagining. I thanked her for the tip and on my way back to work that night I stopped by and gave her a little ice cream cake and sang Happy Birthday.