April 26th, 2005


The Filth and the Fury: A Sex Pistols Film

I forgot to tell you that I finally got around to watching one of my Netflix movies! At this rate, each DVD is costing me about $40 a pop.

I recommend this movie without reservation. Ok, maybe not to my parents. It's impossible to watch the movie without being gripped by an urge to call someone a fuckin yob, which my mom would not appreciate. Otherwise, it's a story about a bit of late-70's England and, of course, the band. Some of the arty film stuff confounded me: I don't know why we have to see a bulgy black mask every time Malcolm McLaren speaks or why interview clips with surviving band members are done in backlit potting sheds. But I loved watching the clips, both those of the band and the atmosphere stuff, and the movie did a good job of conveying the attitude and energy of the band. Oh, one arty thing I did go for was the Shakespeare play parallel that popped up again and again. Basically the movie is fun and sad and stirring and thoughtful and never dull. A couple of moments might prove unforgettable*: Johnny Rotten taunting the crowd in San Francisco after the übercreepy No Fun, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?" sorta sums up the movie and the band and the age; the incarcerated Sid Vicious answering the question of where he'd rather be, "Under the ground." And it's hard to forget Laurence Olivier stalking and staring and so forth. Maybe I'll add Richard III to my queue.

*I only saw it a couple of days ago.