February 11th, 2005



C: Have you heard about that show, My Super Sweet Sixteen?
Me: No. I can guess.
C: It's all these rich people and the parties they throw for their kids.
Me: Fascinating
C: So there was this one girl who had a party that cost half a million dollars.
Me: I find that hard to believe.
C: No, and her parents got her a Range Rover. Like, she said if her dad didn't get her that exact Range Rover she would never talk to him again.
Me: Nice
C: And then the day before her birthday she snuck out with some friends and got caught. So her parents said no Range Rover. They had the party and all, but she didn't get her car. Then two days later they gave her the car.
Me: They probably got it on sale and couldn't return it.
C: No, no, they BOUGHT it two days later. Like they went to the dealer, I think. That's probably what happened.
Me: Is there a reason you are telling me this?
C: I thought since my birthday is coming up you might like some ideas.
Me: Your birthday is months away and you're not getting a Range Rover.
C: No, she got a lot of stuff and a really nice party. Her dress cost $25,000.
Me: You want a fancy party dress? We can talk about that.
C: Uh, that's a different talk.