January 14th, 2005


comfort list

à la thirdbase and chickenhat...

comfort food: grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup
comfort drink: hot tea with a lot of honey
comfort movie: Dumbo
comfort book: The Once and Future King
comfort clothes: socks that are the same size as my feet, sweatpants that are as long as my legs, the Willie Wirehand shirt, and a jogbra that fastens but also has all of its fasteners intact (this is a dream; I really only have the Willie Wirehand shirt and that isn't even mine)
comfort outing: book sale
comfort company: Kids, sleeping. Stack of new magazines. Box of old books.
comfort song: Orange Blossom Special (Actually, as I write this I am hankering to hear The Wreck of the Old 97. Wouldn't look good as a comfort song, though.)

... AND I flossed.