March 24th, 2004


long weekend

This was Spring Break week, but employees get Monday and Tuesday off instead of the whole week that students get. I didn't use my long weekend very wisely. I slumped in a chair and read a couple of books. I poked at my sore toe. I visited my parents. I ran a form up to Rockville to keep the babysitter legal--she submitted her cat's rabies certificate instead of the shot record and got a letter back giving her two working days to correct the error or lose her license. She is having a grand shindig in honor of her sister's birthday on Saturday and I am sorry that I can't go. That family can really throw a party. I have to go to PA that evening but I might check in on my way back, especially if the weather is nice.

Yesterday was the book lunch and I think my show-and-tell books were ok, but two people brought very impressive presentation copies of stuff with exquisite stories. A "Song of Bolivar" from Neruda to Mercedes de Acosta and an All the Sad Young Men from Fitzgerald to a previously undocumented friend, a nurse who tried to keep him out of the gin while he recuperated from injuries sustained during a swimming pool incident. Another very cool book & story was a copy of Norman Maclean's first book. It precedes A River Runs Through It by about thirty years--a manual on interpreting aerial photographs and military maps. Later he showed us a great letter Maclean wrote when a well-known publisher offered to print Young Men and Fire after having rejected his first--I mean second--book.

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