March 3rd, 2004


bookmark bonanza

Found a whole BUNCH of bookmarks today while cataloging, including a $20 bill--a new peachy 20, even, in a beatup copy of Kavalier & Clay that I bought just to read. That was the big one, of course, but I also got: ticket stubs for 9/5/00 BWI-DC Amtrak unreserved seats; Little Mermaid valentine ("Just swimming by with a Valentine 'HI!'"); ANWR anti-drilling position literature; receipt from Norsk Fjord Fiber of Lexingon, GA; one "footprints" bookmark with ISBN on the back from Antioch Bookmarks; one "footprints" bookmark with obituary notice and seashell sticker on the back from a funeral; and a photo of a woman smiling in front of a large rhododendron.

I wish I had $20 for every "footprints" bookmark I have ever found.
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