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Resort Wear

A while back Brian mentioned that he'd been to a meeting at a resort in Western Kentucky that he thought V and I would like. That meeting was held again earlier this week and we did in fact accompany him. But you should know that this resort is actually a state park. After we'd spent an hour or so removing ticks from our persons--I had one, V had AT LEAST eight, they loved her--I asked Victoria if this were how she imagined a resort would be. She said no, she thought there would be more... after a long pause, I tried to help out. "Umbrella drinks?" She said, "Maybe smoothies." We travel thirsty.

It was fun, though. B was doing work stuff most of the time so we amused ourselves thusly: horseshoes, hikes, trail ride*, freezing outdoor pool, shallow indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, trap shooting**, and checkers. We were at a lodge that one of B's clients described as "dismal": the rooms were dark, is all. It was fine. For food you were at their mercy, there was no town nearby. I loved everything except one very orange concoction on the salad bar. I'm easy to feed.

We didn't go out on the lake because the only rentals available were motorized. Lake Barkley is named after Alben W., who served as Vice President under Truman. We passed another park during our trip through the state and I was thinking that if Kentucky produced another famous politician they could rename Big Bone Lick State Park, but then when I got home and looked it up it seems like a pretty cool place that can easily overcome its unfortunate moniker. It's on my list of places to visit.

Our route back home included a trip through Lexington, so we spent a day at the Kentucky Horse Park, where in addition to their usual exhibits and shows they were having an Egypt event: there were all sorts of vendors peddling sparkly doodads for your Arabians, plus any other horsey thing you could imagine. Victoria collected an armful of 8x10 glossies advertising studs.

We were gone almost two weeks, but the time flew. Now V and I have a couple of weeks to put things back in order before we're off again. The summer filled up fast! My mom wants a visit from Victoria, which I haven't yet scheduled in, and Brian thinks he wants a bike camping trip. I haven't quite figured out how to piggyback the two yet, but I think that's the only way both will be possible before September. It's a nice sort of puzzle to solve.

*Never to be repeated; V is too sophisticated a rider to make this worthwhile.
**Just me, V was a spectator.

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