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Mystery tour

I thought we were going to Kentucky this week, but I was more mistaken than not. We visited a few Ohio and Indiana sites first and finally made it to Louisville yesterday. Today we're in Bowling Green, which is my favorite town so far. We're tagging along as Brian works and it's fantastic for me because I meant to see more of the area when we moved here and hardly ever manage to do so. Having a driver is ideal--I get to look at the scenery as opposed to the road. It can be difficult to persuade this driver to stop at times, however. Brian is still stinging from our foray off the main route in Wyoming YEARS ago to look at Oregon Trail wagon ruts and--same trip, different sidetrack--a dinosaur ballroom. He found both underwhelming. So we blew right by Annie Oakley's gravesite, but now that I know it's there I will return (the Kitchen Aid factory is nearby, too) for a visit. We did stop at a thing billing itself as The World's Most Awesome Flea Market, but it left me more depressed than awed. When I get home I just want to get rid of all my stuff now.

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