koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

An argument against early to bed

Me: Do you notice whether people shave their legs or not?
B: I don't think so. But most people do, right?
Me: Not men. Most men do not.
B: Yeah, I thought you were talking about women.
Me: I said people. The moms at knitting today were all talking about letting their girls shave their legs "early" and how embarrassed they had been when they were their age and their parents wouldn't let them shave their legs. I just kept quiet, it was never much of an issue for me. But apparently each of these moms found it traumatic.
B: Mmm.
Me: Why do women shave their legs?
B: You could google it.
Me: Is it because they want to look like they haven't reached puberty?
B: (nothing)
Me: I'm going to google it.
Goes through kitchen, notices time is 4:37. Makes coffee. Googles.
In a matter of seconds, Uncle Cecil reveals that, as one might have suspected, women shaving is an American marketing success story. Is this the way I want to start my day? Ah well, it is what it is.

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