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The church I go to does a flower thing on Easter; everyone brings a flower and then the kids redistribute them during the service and it's all very nice. The family I hang out with, of course, likes to argue about any damn thing at all and selecting the flowers to bring to this service has become a seasonal favorite. Last November I preemptively planted bulbs due to bloom from very early to very late Spring in a single bed in the back yard, the one my strawberries had kind of run through. Even though the weather was weird, I was certain I would have a nice selection of beautiful flowers I could chop down and tote peacefully to church this morning.

I was right about having lovely flowers at my disposal, but they all remain unscathed back there in the former strawberry bed, not a single one disbursed. I'm sure you can guess why, but I am going to tell you anyway. Sure, we've done all sorts of exciting things and gone many places since my last post, but what I think you'd like to read about is the awful screeching noise that my clothes dryer started making last month. It was quite alarming. So I took off the front of the machine and found so much lint I am very surprised that the thing ran at all. Honestly, I removed a pillow's worth from the area around the blower fan. That was moderately satisfying in itself, but the problem remained.

So I googled, as I so often do. I decided that I needed new drum rollers and, just for fun, I got a new belt as well (This was dumb--it's not a car, I didn't need to replace the belt until it up and broke and the belt that was in there was in great shape anyway. So learn from my mistake, why don't you?). I had to order these things; they arrived on Friday and I put them in Saturday. Started up the dryer, no screech. I did a load of wash and tossed it in the dryer. I couldn't wait to see how much faster it would work without all the extra lint. But there was a problem: no tumbling. Everything looked right according to the instructions that came with the parts, but I could not get the drum to turn.

Oh, I was sad. Glumly, I walked the guest dog. Morosely, I picked at the dinner Brian made because I was too unhappy to prepare a meal. I kept stomping downstairs to peer into the machine and pout. After Victoria went to bed I threw a basket together for her but I didn't hide anything because I was 1) worried about the guest dog finding it before morning and 2) utterly disconsolate. I googled some more, this time to see how much new dryers are going for. My mood did not improve. I went to bed.

When I awoke, Brian had returned to the kitchen and was cooking bacon. One thing you've not been told, since it only started with the new year and I update so infrequently, is that Brian has put himself on a low-carb diet. To be on a Brian-style low-carb diet you need only eliminate non-alcoholic carbohydrates from your diet and eat more bacon. How much bacon? More. There must always be bacon. Staring at the pan and its sizzling contents, I drifted into a Kekulesque trance and realized that my idler pulley had to be misaligned. That's not entirely accurate--I first spent a minute recalling the whistled Colonel Bogey March, but I'm not sure you needed to know that. I went back downstairs.

There was no sensible way to get the pulley where I wanted it to be, so I yanked the belt out of its groove on the drum and pulled it forward to drag the pulley assembly along. It's ugly but it works. It works! I dried the laundry and washed another load and dried it, and another. I was a lot happier, but it was way too late to make it to church. We went for a bike ride instead, which only made me happier still. A very good day by the end of it.

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