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Fall back anew

Once again, I did not use my extra hour wisely. I woke up and re-set the clock on the stove. It's the only clock in the house that's not networked. Then I poked around on facebook and got up to make coffee. I noticed that it was time to get Victoria up and moving to get to church, so I gave her a poke, too. It wasn't really necessary; I had forgotten to poke the "save" button on the stove and it had reverted to the incorrect time. I'm not messing with it again--I'm already resigned to subtracting 57 minutes from the time on my clock in the car, so I know I can handle an hour-fast clock in the kitchen until it drives Brian nuts and he changes it.

When I was brushing my teeth my glasses fell off my face into the sink. I'm guessing the little screw went down the drain, but I had a tube of tiny screws for fixing glasses, so I figured I could take care of that right away. Unfortunately, the screws were jammed at the bottom of the tube and I could not remove them. Well, ok then. I had some fine wire, too, and that worked. Off to church.

But first, a stop at the post office to get mail from the box. As I was exiting the building, something felt odd about my knees and ankles. Ah, yes, that would be my slip succumbing to gravity. I stepped out of it, considered leaving it on the sidewalk, reconsidered, and tossed it in the passenger footwell before driving off.

Church was no problem. In fact, I figured out most of what I plan to do for next week's book club while V was at play practice after the service. This is huge! I love not having to cram at the last minute. The bulk of the rest of the day, however, we spent at the hardware store and a shopping mall. It was a gorgeous day, too good to waste like that. The wonderful LensCrafters dude fixed my glasses, though. I had time to plant some bulbs when we got back, and then we walked around the neighborhood.

I don't have any interesting thoughts to share with you, sorry. I've been reading a bunch of Mel Levine and Leonard Sax books, spurred by a mom's post about homeschooling boys. I can't say I've gathered a whole lot of value from the exercise but it wasn't time wasted. On the other hand, I started Lev Grossman's The Magician King and decided to cut my losses early on. Even though the first page set up a story I was looking forward to reading, the sloppy writing that followed made me realize that I would just be looking for more errors if I continued. It's a sequel, anyway, so I will try the first book. I saw Daniel Pinkwater's Adventures of a Cat-Whiskered Girl on my way out of the library, so I picked that up and read it--pretty standard fare from him, but that's pretty good overall for kids. I don't know what V will think if she reads it, I believe she prefers less wackiness. Also on the same route out of the library I got Spider Robinson's The Free Lunch, which seemed very YA--not in a bad way, but the story flew by with a fairly simple plot and unbelievably clever main characters. There were some appealing lists of books and authors, too, included in the story. Speaking of lists! V has been reading The Kids Book of Lists. Out loud. From the back seat. It's really something.

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