koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

and Fall

Winfield was cold and damp and pretty great. V and I flew out Wednesday night--Brian was supposed to join us on Friday but he had been making cancellation noises prior to our leaving and he decided he couldn't risk getting stuck in Oklahoma (Southwest Air doesn't stop in Kansas) and missing a Monday meeting. In the end, that was best because we didn't have to take half a day to drive and pick him up. This was the first time V has been really interested in the music, which made it more fun for me. She stopped complaining about the weather after I bought her a coat.

Even if I don't follow through on the Appalachian Trail plan, although I have no reason to suspect I won't, I am already loving the sleeping bag upgrade. The new bags weigh next to nothing and squish down to the size of a loaf of bread, as opposed to the mini-fridge-sized bundles we've been toting for years. They made getting around much easier. I'm going to look for more excuses to go camping now.

We got back to Ohio late Sunday night and have spent the week cramming extra schoolwork in, since next week I don't think much will get completed. Brian is in charge while I am in Prague. WHILE I AM IN PRAGUE, PEOPLE! Maybe I will bring a camera with me.

Tonight we had the second meeting of Family Book Club. Neighbors stayed away in droves, but a new homeschooler came in addition to the folks who showed up at the summer meeting. It's really wonderful how well the kids have read the books so far, even though everyone is way too quiet for me. It's more like teaching a class than leading a discussion. My goal for November's book, Frindle, is to wrest interaction from the group. Wish me luck--or, better yet, send me your suggestions!

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