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I signed up with the gym at school. It is cheaper than the YMCA and a fantastically lovely facility. The Y has childcare, but Victoria freaks when we try to leave her there so that's not as handy as I thought it would be. I asked the babysitter if I could pay her extra to watch V late a couple of days a week--she refused. She would watch her, just won't take any money. Argh. I can't do that, I am still ashamed of the way I treated the woman who watched my older kids when they were little. So until she relents I have another plan that I tried for the first time yesterday: I left work a little early, picked up V and met Jennifer at the gym. Paid $5 for a guest pass for V and they went swimming. I went to Cycling 101, the intro spinning class. Spinning is not winding wool into yarn in this case. It is pedaling a fixed-gear heavy flywheel bike-ish contraption to a variety of technocrap in a darkened room with a bunch of willowy twenty-year-olds. I think it was supposed to last an hour but I had to leave after 45 minutes, feeling old and weak. It was a blast, can't wait to try for 47 minutes next week.

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