koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Fourth of July

We had something like a holiday weekend, with a lot of reading, weeding, and speeding (down waterslides at the waterpark). There's a ride reserved for adults at the park, a lazy river thing I've not tried before. Since Brian came along this time, he hung with V while I lazed around the circuit and it was completely the best ride ever--until the tube drifted by the bar area where a festive band of whippersnappers was loudly and smokily flirting with one another. Darn kids!

Anyway, that taste of freedom got me to thinking that I should not waste the next day, so I took the bike out for a spin even though it was a little rainy. I made a stop almost immediately because I saw the elementary school principal out toiling in the school vegetable garden, so I stopped to catch up a little. He was clearing the pea bed--their peas did no better than mine, which went nowhere this year. I helped out a little and then went on to ride downtown, which was really nice while the clouds were out because the rain-wary stayed off the trail.

I met up with B and V at the Doodah parade, which is a loosely-organized costume party that strolls around each Fourth of July. It's always fun. We went home our separate ways; it was much sunnier by then, with considerably more trail traffic to negotiate. We had talked about going to see fireworks, but didn't decide to do it until almost dark. I fixed up some lights quickly on the tandem and told Brian to take my bike but Victoria objected to using the tandem.

Mr. Safety felt that if the one bike with the headlight stayed in front we could all do just fine (I had plenty of blinky taillights to go around) but I think he knew deep down what a stupid idea that was because I only had to argue a little before he acquiesced. So we drove, and there was no parking, and we parked illegally in the perfect spot and the fireworks were beautiful. Today is clean-up day, which is why I am posting on lj, of course. But if all goes well, I will have three rooms clean and my pea beds replanted. It could happen.

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