koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Outa here

I was at the waterpark with Victoria on Wednesday. Friends came along, which is my favorite way to do the waterpark--they race off and and have fun while I read and read and read. I had just started a book--it was a very interesting collection of writers' choice books, which I frustratingly returned to the library before noting the title--when my attention was ripped away from the page by a dreadful blues lounge version of No Woman No Cry playing over the loudspeaker. I had just figured out how to block it from my consciousness when it was replaced by a reggae Take Me Home Country Roads. I try to be a good sport about things, but it does make me wonder about the industry that repurposes these tunes.

You would think I would be blasé about vacations, having effectively been on vacation since 2007, but I am psyched every time I travel. Brian, not so much. He asked if I had a plan for San Francisco and I said I did and told him about it. He was uninterested in any of the SF touristy things (which is fine, since V and I have a few days to amuse ourselves while he's at his meeting) and then he was afraid I had obliged him to spend too much time driving after that. We might skip Sequoia in that case; it's a long drive to get there and a long drive to be there. Or he could change his mind...

I've got another song that makes me happy, it's by Mr. Lovett. I would like to clarify that I identify with the sentiment but not the details of this song. If I did have a boat, I would sell it to someone who wanted a boat.

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