koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Would you rather

Dig a fifty foot trench or ask people for money? I chose the former and buried a hose out to a few raised beds in the back yard. If my plan works, the vegetables I care about (those stupid peppers will have to take care of themselves) will be watered when we're on vacation. Victoria had to go door-to-door collecting for her newspaper route. I can't believe people would interrupt her adorable patter with "not interested" and shut the door on her, but it happened! I only learned this by eavesdropping, since she wouldn't let me hang around any house where she was making her pitch.

Here's the next song that makes me happy, and it has to be this exact version. The regular This Land is Your Land makes me weepy for some reason. Usually if I have to sing it, I'm outside and the weather is hot so I can pretend the sun is in my eyes but it's really the song.

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