koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

King of the Anoraks

This month's assignment for some facebook people is to list a song each day that fits a particular category. I thought that might be fun until I read the categories and realized that the responsibility of selecting one song for each would overwhelm and paralyze me. For June 1st alone I was supposed to select my favorite song--I'm still going around and round on that one. Today's is good, though: a song that makes you happy.

I started to list songs that make me happy, then I had to cull the ones with no youtube presence, which still left plenty to share. Here's the first one.

On a less happy note, I just got a call from the mom who wanted to put a family book club together. She and her kid are going to miss the first meeting because they got a better offer. People!

Tomorrow we're going to an adoption event at a Walmart. Victoria is giving Annie pep talks and showing her cute cat pictures as inspiration (she's going with us). I think we should take an album of Annie looking adorable since at this event she's likely to look more worried than anything else. Which reminds me! We have to go pick up sticks at the church right now. Spring Spruce-up Day is tomorrow, but we'll be at the cat thing so I said we'd clean up sticks this week. Which is almost over. Time flies when you're being dumped by fickle neighbors. Not that I'm bitter or anything...

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