koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

If there are a "chosen few"
then I am not one of them,
if an "elect," well then
I have not been elected.
I am one who is knocking
at the door. I am one whose foot
is on the bottom rung.
But I know that Heaven's
bottom rung is Heaven
though the ladder is standing
on the earth where I work
by day and at night sleep
with my head upon a stone.

-Wendell Berry, in Leavings (2010)

I am having a good year so far. All of my seeds sprouted, the kids are alright, the houses are still standing and so am I. Art class is over until next school year and I cleaned up the art closet. It took a day and a half, but it looks great. I figured out an inexpensive way to put a few poems out in front of the house and the first set went out today. I decided against a permanent structure, so I will just take the whole deal inside when it's dark or stormy, like I do with the flag.

We're going to California in a few weeks, San Francisco for a meeting and then camping in Yosemite (I think, I still have to plan this thing.) When we get back, there is a book club meeting scheduled. A neighbor of mine was talking about how we should have a family book club and I said hell yes and reserved a room. I picked Mr. Popper's Penguins to read first because there's a movie version coming out and it's an easy book to discuss and introduce the idea of theme. Every kid I've talked to thinks it sounds like a baby book, though. We'll see...

Then I have an overnight hike scheduled with Jennifer in July and Winfield in September and PRAGUE (!!!) later the same month so I am all thrilled and stuff most every minute of the day. And night, since it's hard to sleep when things are this awesome. Reading over this I'm afraid I look like I'm bragging, but I don't have much to complain about at the moment. Wait until you read the V post updating jimmy_girl--it only gets better! Worse. Whichever.

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