koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

I don't think I am an over-sharer of my opinions or communication in general. In fact, I actively stifle my urge to give advice when people are describing their problems (unless they ask for it--I'm always waiting for them to ask for it--why won't they ask for it?!) Last week I finished a pretty long stint as an ALTERNATE juror on a very interesting tort case. It's still eating at me--I got to listen to all the witnesses, but discuss NOTHING and see NONE of the evidence. I did have a pretty good time listening to the expert witnesses, however, since both sets of lawyers lined up superstars for our edification. Prostate cancer superstars, but hey.

Another superstar turned out to be Brian, who took over V-care for the period. I tried to line up sitters, but my network here is weak. She ended up spending the first week traveling through Indiana with him, which she enjoyed for the most part. They did no schoolwork, but we had worked ahead a bit so I think we'll be ok. I have more to say about school but I think I will write that elsewhere.

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