koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

But my feet know it

Happy birthday, Rose Hovick! (American Rose is on my teetering TBR stack.)

I have two poetry projects for the near future. Actually, one is underway at the moment: I get to send a poem each week on a postcard to the family that bid the highest for this at the church service auction last month. I can just barely squeeze a sonnet on a postcard, so length is my primary constraint. I have plenty of postcards already. It's fun.

The other project is the idea I stole from Takoma Park, where there are signs with poems installed here and there. I pass three on the way to the metro. I was thinking I should do the same thing for people walking by my house. I haven't done it yet because I keep getting hung up on the details. I don't want something that's easy to steal (recalling the lawn frog). And then I was thinking I should have a grown-up height poem and then one closer to the ground, for kids and dogs. And maybe a light, a light people could turn on that would turn off automatically after a few minutes. And, of course, I would need to be able to change the poems easily. Then I start thinking about the plants I'd want below the sign and I start thinking about garden stuff and starting seeds and what I might find to eat if I wandered into the kitchen and basically I've gotten nowhere on this project yet. It's in the works, though.

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