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Happy birthday, Zora Neale Hurston. Requiescat in pace, Dick King-Smith.

I should have a lot to write, having neglected LJ for so long. And I have plenty of time to write it, since my sleep is very weird post-headache-from-hell. But I will give you the mercifully short version.

Last month we went to Miami with Jennifer for a week before Christmas. Christopher couldn't get away from work just then and I don't think his girlfriend could, either, although they were both invited. We still managed to have some fun. The best day was kayaking day, when we paddled right through a pod of about fifteen dolphins. The worst day was shopping day, when the rain drove us to an outlet mall where several hundred thousand south Floridians were also doing some last-minute gift shopping. But most days were beach days and these are very, very good days. Especially when you have a Kindle and fancy new glasses that turn into sunglasses, which I do.

We returned to Ohio the night before Christmas, which is when I was felled by the second cluster headache of my life. The first one was so scary I actually saw a doctor about it, but since I knew what was going on this time I just put up with it. It's not like the doctor had anything useful to offer me last time.

Brian had to leave shortly after Christmas for his brother's funeral. He got back New Year's day but then had to leave for work, and then I started feeling better and we tried to start school again. Victoria and I, however, haven't got our school groove back yet.

That's about it. Today's plan is to do about four day's worth of school and clean the house. I have a plan B, which involves going to the art museum and little else. Hmm...

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