koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

The Semiprime of Ms K S

It was cold and drizzly all day, but I had two gallons of paint to distribute in a seemly manner so my birthday was a productive affair. The walls of my former office, now office/schoolroom, are now a soothing shade of blue. Brian made eggplant lasagna. Victoria went to bed on time. Heady stuff.

I haven't written much lately, but I will try to put a little something up more regularly. V and I have been traveling some--we went to KS for the music festival and we did a little camping with the scouts last week. School is going well. And the cats! We must not forget about the cats. Victoria has been volunteering at Colony Cats once a week. She socializes cats and kittens while I scrape cat snot off the many glass surfaces at the shelter. For variety, sometimes I scoop poop. Each time we leave she expresses a fervent desire to live at Colony Cats.

I need to get ready for tomorrow. More later...

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