koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

"Dallas Redeemed" or "The Angry Passenger"

Couldn't decide which title better suited the beginning of the trip. We left Friday afternoon with two goals in mind: to arrive in San Antonio in time for a Monday meeting and to watch the World Cup game somewhere on Sunday.

We made it to Nashville the first night with plenty of time to walk around downtown. You can't even tell they had flooding there, everything is back to its grubby, neony, noisy self. I can't wait to go back.

We got as far as Sulphur Springs, TX, the next night but along the way we stopped for lunch at Nick's BBQ and Catfish in somewhere, AR. A friend had recently pledged to see how long he could go without ingesting a deep-fried comestible--I didn't join him at the time and thank goodness. Fried green tomatoes and okra, both perfect.

The worst part of the drive so far has been Miss Why Is This Taking So Long in the backseat. She's never been this awful about driving trips before, but we don't often have full-bore travel days back-to-back, so maybe she'll pipe down for the rest of the journey. It should be more relaxed.

Sunday we stopped in Dallas to watch the game. I had to spend a while in Dallas several times in the past and always found it undelightful, but I can no longer say that after watching a pretty bad soccer match at a swell bar, The Old Monk. It was just right, with a couple of porches, great beers, and the cheese plate of my dreams. That was fun.

Now we're in San Antonio at the Marriott. It's nice, in its way. I'm not a hotel person until I really, really, really need a shower. And I'll be the judge of when that is, thank you very much: we generally camp in breezy areas anyway. But today Victoria and I should be visting things around the Alamo, once I pry her out of bed. She was up earlier but went straight for the remote. I said I had had enough Disney Channel so she elected to go back to sleep. I hope she gets less bratty fast. Ah, vacation!

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