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long weekend

For the past half-dozen Memorial Day weekends we have been going to Union Grove, NC, for a music festival based on a fiddlers' contest. This year we tried another festival, based on logistics more than anything else: DelFest is in Cumberland, MD, which is right on our route to visit my parents (who were overdue for a visit). It was great, it was perfect, I am SO very happy my practically-invisible friend S mentioned this thing a while back--I loved DelFest.

  • Venue - It's held at the Allegany County fairgrounds. There are beautiful hills to look at when you are so inclined. The Potomac slinks around the east side and you can float in it. There's enough space for two outdoor stages and lots of campers.
  • Music - I heard excellent music all weekend long from the performers. Each night the closing band was awesome: The Avett Brothers (I thought I hadn't heard of them, but once they started playing I realized I had been hearing them on Youtube for a year), the Yonder Mountain String Band (they got trippier since I heard them a zillion years ago in Kansas and it suits them), and Dave Rawlins Machine. That means Gillian Welch, and that set had me floating on a cloud for the rest of the night.
  • Crowd - It's not as musical as either Union Grove or Winfield. Mostly party people, but lots of families with kids and nobody got real crazy. The girls were cute, which is something that I hadn't noticed other places. The boys all looked like S, which got to be kind of funny when we were looking for him. Lots of smokers--Brian mentioned that he had been thinking of investing in Philip Morris and this weekend did nothing to dissuade him.

We left early Monday morning and picked up Brian's mom and Jennifer and continued on to Delaware to visit my parents. My dad just turned 70; he seems to be in pretty good shape compared to where he was last year. He was certainly chatty enough, which made things easy. My mom found her copy of the 1936 Democratic Convention program, so we amused ourselves by flipping through that as well. Coming home across the Bay Bridge on Memorial Day was a little tedious, but it all worked out.

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