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I was in a foul mood almost all day for no good reason. Except that my knee hurt and I'm never quite sure what to do when this happens, and V wasn't feeling the whole school thing and that always makes me wonder if I'm doing it right, and I don't know what to do with rhubarb that doesn't involve a lot of sugar.

We interrupt this whinging for a CSA report. Yesterday's share was split with my partner, so I took home:

About 1.5 lbs of lettuce
A dozen garlic shoots. This came with advice about my own garlic, for which I am most grateful.
A whole lot of rhubarb. My partner doesn't do rhubarb, so I got it all. Not very sporting!
A fistful of asparagus. I gave her the lion's share since I got it all last week and it was glorious.

So the day was gray and cold and Victoria pretended she didn't care about capitalizing proper nouns--this after refusing to eat the rhubarb crumble I made. So I stomped off to read with a bag of frozen beans on my knee, even though it's not swollen. I told you I don't know what to do. She worked through a couple of history lessons on her own and then we resumed school but I was still cranky. Our scheduled scout outing was postponed so a day of sullen griping loomed ahead of us with only V's swimming lesson to pry us out of the house.

I'm glad it occurred to me in time that we could go to the gym earlier than lesson time. Victoria played games with some kids and I got an extra hour of endorphins and K'naan, which certainly helped. Unless it made my knee worse, but I don't think it did. I just don't know. Then I got her moved over to the pool and I cycled to nowhere with Lyle Lovett and things seemed better still. By the time we got home it was practically bedtime and as soon as I was done reading I started doing all the stuff I should have been working on during the day. Now it's done and I found a rhubarb steak sauce recipe I will make tomorrow.

There is one lingering issue that's bugging me (besides the knee). Brian had this idea to take a southern states vacation this summer. That sounded great. But now it is turning into a six-week juggernaut and I am having trouble figuring out how I can do the treasurer stuff or the garden stuff if I am away that long. I am going to propose that I go on vacation for a while, pop back home for a week, and then rejoin the vacationers. I predict a cool reception for this idea. We'll see.

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