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I've wanted to try a subscription to Community Supported Agriculture since I learned about them a few years ago. There were a few that delivered in or near Takoma Park, but it was never convenient enough for me to jump in. This year there's one run by members of our church, with Sunday delivery right at church--that's hard to beat for convenience.

Since most meals I cook are for the 1.5 appetites that are V's and mine (mine being 1.2 of those), I was happy to split a share with someone else. This will also come in handy for weeks I will not be in town, several of which loom before me this July. But this week was our first delivery and my partner was the one out of town, so I brought the whole passel home myself.

And told Brian. And he objected on the grounds that it was very, very expensive food. This is not correct; it is not cheap food, but it is local and fresh and I don't think it deserves the "very, very". One share costs $615 for the season (roughly April to October) and Brian--with a straight face--argued that that amount would feed a family of four for a year. I gave him a chance to retract this ludicrous claim, but he insisted that he was serious. He also strongly suggested that I keep track of what I bring home each week, which seems like a pretty good idea to me. Here we go:

spinach, about 1.5 pounds
salad greens, about 2 pounds
asparagus, about 2.5 pounds
one dozen eggs

I went shopping before I knew about the delivery and I got a little chard crazy, so this has been a greens-heavy week. I thought it would be hard to mesh my new six-meals-a-day plan with Brian's return but so far everything has worked out fine. I think, however, I should plan my meal weeks Monday through Sunday rather than Saturday through Friday the way I had been. Ideally, I should have Mr. $12-per-week do the shopping.

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