koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Legal Again

My Maryland registration on the car ran out in November and I did try to register in Ohio before that but all sorts of obstacles kept me from doing so. I needed two pieces of paper notarized--I can do that, but they had to be done by the co-owner, Mr. B.S., who at one point in time managed to get ONE of them done. The alternative was to show up with the aforementioned in person, which is practically impossible. We did manage to drive to the Hilliard branch once only to be told no, you need to go to Broad Street. I asked if I could get directions and the lady looked horrified: "Oh no, I never drive the highways around here!"


I did get directions from a more adventurous employee and we drove there only to learn that I would need to bring the actual car to be registered to the office for inspection. I swear I looked at the website a dozen times and never found this requirement mentioned. With Brian sagely pronouncing that "A failure to plan is a plan to fail," we drove his stupid car back home and then they stopped being open on Saturdays and I despaired of ever registering my car in either state.

But Friday he was home and we agreed that it was a lovely day to get us some car registration. Except the phone rang that morning and a neighbor had a babysitting emergency and could we watch her kid? We could and did. She returned in the afternoon and we bustled down to Broad Street and two freaking hours later I had beautiful Ohio plates. They're lovely and all, but they actually say "Beautiful Ohio" on them, which makes them at least ten times better. And now I can park on the street without worry.

One hitch was that the title I had says Chrysler Credit owns the car. Guy number five (it takes six people to transfer your car from another state, six separate waits. Kee-razy) couldn't take my word for the fact that my fifteen-year-old car is actually paid off so the lien notice got transferred, too. There is a real title floating somewhere between here and there but until I need to sell the car it doesn't matter, right? My hat is off to you organized people who stay on top of all this stuff.

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