koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Edible Books

I like doomed loveliness, things to admire and then destroy. Once when I got a new batch of checks I spent weeks painting the box an intricate paisley design before I used my last check and had to tear it open. Sand castles. Clean kitchens don't really count as art, but it's the same idea. Of course I would be a huge fan of edible books.

I made a timid attempt to hold my own edible book festival a while back. The first one was sparsely but enthusiastically attended, the second was a meager affair, and then there was nothing. Imagine my delight in learning that there would be one at my library! I worked up a couple of little books--I had decided to try fruit leather covers, but I didn't have much time to experiment. I can tell you that fruit tape is okay for binding, but my sugar-based glue was unsatisfactory. Fruit leather is hard to score, which might have been part of the problem. I did find a great source for wafer, a fabulous edible paper, and I have a lot of that to play with.

The library affair was last night and I was a little disappointed because no one really talked about their books. And they made it a contest, which is unnecessary in my opinion. And no one cooed over the sole juvenile entry, which was very clever if you ask this extremely biased close relative of the bookmaker (it was actually a menu, but kid-lit themed). However, I was heartened by the fact that it was held and attended and I do intend to work on a spectacular entry for the next one.

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