koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

recent events and acquisitions

Thursday I went to tutor the four kids I see twice a week but only two were there. The other two stayed home because their mom was too sick to drive them. It was ideal, as the promise of Spring had attacked my head earlier in the week and was colonizing my sinuses. After two hours my voice was nearly gone and by the time we got home I had only a gasping squeak left. Which was ok at home, since I can guide Victoria through schoolwork with hand signals and semaphore. We went to knitting because V really wanted to but I was kinda miserable. By Friday afternoon I was mostly recovered so we went to the zoo.

I had forgotten that we had baby lions! They are adorable. And a baby bonobo, kinda creepy but fun to watch. And the baby langur has grown out of his baby fur but he's still cute. Back at home V played across the street while I wrote reports. Saturday I had a board meeting and she was supposed to hide in an anteroom and amuse herself but it turned into a THREE HOUR meeting and near the end a person let me know that Victoria was peeking into our room. Yes, I told the person, that is because she is bored. I'm thinking the person was, too, else why was she peeking back?

Anyway, we drove Cincinnati-ward next and found some supplies to experiment upon for the upcoming Edible Book Festival at our library. Hooray! I had nothing to do with this, it just appeared on the calendar. Next we visited IKEA, which was the real reason for the trek. Victoria had cleaned her room and found space for a desk so we got one, and a rug, and an octopus thing with clips. And a little shelf to hold books and yarn in my room. And a pink hippopotamus named Mr. Barnslig. And a desk lamp, which makes sense for the desk. And a solar lamp because it is a solar lamp. So that's what we've been up to.

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