koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

the best part of being sick

It is so nice to be breathing again. Last week I had a rotten, horrible cold. The kind that makes me crazy because I can't taste or smell anything--although this time I had the benefit of having read Roger Ebert's blog entry, Nil by Mouth, which did a good job of tempering the crazy. Still, I am delighted and relieved to be on the road to recovery now.

I canceled all tutoring sessions last week because I didn't want to infect innocent families or have witnesses to my uncontrollable coughing fits. Today I canceled again! It snowed all day yesterday, maybe another six inches. Maybe later today I will venture out for supplies (we have all the basics stocked, but for V's science projects we need sand, epsom salt, and chocolate--that's right, chocolate for science) but I will give the plows time to figure out where all this new snow should go.

So I never got around to describing the second half of our recent Florida jaunt. We went to Orlando and spent Wednesday at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I had been there before with Victoria and I thought Brian would like it. He did, in a way, but he's not much of an amusement park guy. Neither am I. Victoria makes up for the two of us. We knew we could take another day of Disney, but we also knew we could benefit from some guidance.

mommyrex and her family are the people to call in this situation. They guided us through the Magic Kingdom so expertly that we were persuaded to tackle EPCOT the next day.


This is the best amusement park, hands down. I didn't see half of it, either, and I would be happy to go back. There is a ride, sponsored loudly by Raytheon, that is so excellent that it is a CRIME not to have one installed in every school district in the land. Also one should be at my house. Plus shadowcaptain showed up as well, racing out of DC ahead of the snow in order to catch the shuttle launch. So Friday was just a big ole party.

On Saturday, we planned to head back to Tampa because our plane left early Sunday, but Victoria had been subjected to a very heavy sales job with regard to a roller coaster at a FOURTH park, Disney Studios. Due to a combination of Disney's pricing structure and mommyrex's husband's acumen, a fourth day at the park for all three of us only cost $12, so we said what the hell and went. It was fun, but we didn't have any trouble extracting V early in the afternoon. I think even she was park-weary.

It was too cloudy to see a final gulf coast sunset, but we hung out on the beach until dark anyway. Then we used another expert's opinion and ate dinner at PJ's Oyster Bar. It was exactly the right note to end a swell trip. Thanks, mrz80!

The flight home was uneventful, just the way I like them, and Columbus was covered in snow. And then more snow, and now some more snow. Best of both worlds, as it were.

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