koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

sitting up and taking nourishment

One nice thing about my tutoring job is that Victoria can tag along, so I don't have to worry about a sitter. We have to leave the house a little after 8am, and neither of us are morning people. On Thursday, I had everything and everyone I needed packed up but the car was not cooperating. The battery wasn't into the whole working thing. I showed it my Jumpstart-In-A-Box and it was not impressed. So I called the tutees and rescheduled for the next day, dragged a sick neighbor out of bed to drive me to the auto parts store and I got a new battery. It seemed as though this took a long time, but we were done well before noon so we went sledding for a while and then came home and did schoolwork.

Brian came home that night, so Victoria stayed with him Friday while I tutored. When I got back they had been working on a project: ginger beer. Ginger beer has to sit for a day, so the next day I made stuff for dinner that would go with ginger beer, dal and rice and curry. It was good, but Brian's project was even better. He prepared the national drink of Bermuda, the Dark and Stormy. It's black rum and ginger beer. It's a fine libation.

Sunday I scored a $150 laptop, which was the next best thing to a free netbook. I wanted a machine to keep the church's books on, and everything I had read indicated that I should be able to run Quicken and view .pdfs and get email on one of these things. I had a $345 credit at Staples so I figured I would turn it in for a machine; however, the netbooks there did not impress me. I think my iPod Touch--did I mention that I got an iPod Touch?--has more power. I bought a laptop instead because I know it will work.

I'm not allowed to set it up until I get all the 2009 reporting done. That's what finally drove me to update here, the need to procrastinate just a little more.

Today was the spelling bee. Victoria made it to round three, which is one round further than she did last year.

Okay, now I am really going to finish those numbers.

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