koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

a tutor who tooted the flute

I signed on with a tutoring company last year but nothing came of it. This year I renewed my background checks just for the thrill of sending my fingerprints hither and yon. I wasn't surprised when I didn't get any reasonable assignments from them. Since they follow the school calendars, their year starts in September and by now most students would have received at least a month of tutoring. But on Sunday I got a request to tutor four kids in one family, which is quite a windfall--one trip, four students! I was their third assigned tutor. The first one got in a car accident before starting, the second one bailed for reasons I never learned, so I got the call.

This morning while I was working with Victoria I got a BREAKING NEWS flash via email: a shooting on a bus in Columbus--one block from the kids' house. Yikes. But everything was quiet by the time I got there, and it turned out I know the family to be tutored. How weird is that? I don't know anyone! The mom opened the door and the first thing she did was laugh, "Oh, you're the tutor?!" In a nice way, I mean. We like each other. The kids are all very cooperative, too, which is a treat.

After that, it was almost time for kung fu. While Victoria did whatever it is that they do in there, I was next door making an ocarina. It looks more like an empanada. The pottery book I was reading claims it will work, but as I was driving home it occurred to me that I should have put a hole on the side opposite the finger holes.

It is late and I still have a pretty long to-do list; however, I am also in the middle of Russell Brand's My Booky Wook. It is nothing but immensely entertaining. As I am awfully fond of being immensely entertained I believe I will go read some more of it.

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