koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Shopping Extravaganza

I went to five new stores yesterday. They are all less than a mile from my house, but I had never set foot in any of them until the babysitter told me that I was giving her a ride when I came to pick up Victoria. She is having a party this weekend and needed to do some shopping.

First we went to the halal market, where she and the cashier and the butcher yelled at each other for about ten minutes. She has talked about this store previously, with only good things to say about it; she bought some goat from Giant once--never again! But once she got in the place, the harridan switch flipped to ON. She walked out of the door with a jack-o-lantern smile. She just loves a fight.

We went to a sari store, where I learned a new haggling technique. I am too shy and american to try it, but it was interesting to observe. We went to the jewelry store. We went to the music and movie store. Wow! Music is dirt cheap there, but nothing I recognized. For $2 an album, why wouldn't I give some a whirl? I think I will go back there. Then we went to the indian grocery, where she was looking for pickled medium lime. There were, no kidding, eight different kinds of pickled lime, but nary a pickled medium lime. There was a long aisle of pickled everything. Pickled coriander. Pickled eggplant. Pickled something that starts with G. I asked her what it was and she said, "How should I know? Those indians will pickle anything."

It was fun. I think I should visit every store in Langley Park and make an annotated map.

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