koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Tilapia Gumbo

The mechanic gave my car a look today. The catalytic converter and oxygen sensor cause a problem that is intermittent at present, so I am thinking about waiting until it's a real problem before replacing them. Everything I read says that these things rarely go bad, but I've already replaced them once. Maybe everything I've read only considers cars below a certain age. Maybe that age is seven.

It was car day. Once I got my car back, we drove to Marysville to pick up Brian's new car, an Accord. An Accord with a sunroof! The sunroof was about the most exciting feature, but it does seem like a nice car. He bought his old car from his employer and is driving it to Maryland next weekend to sell it to Christopher, who starts working in Baltimore the Monday after that. Brian says he's having bad dreams about wrecking the car before delivering it to Chris, which is my style of anxiety. Lovely to see I have some influence around here.

I was supposed to clean the house but I just can't get into it. Victoria started cleaning her bathroom at my request and after scrubbing for a half hour she emerged to note that I had done nothing at all. I haven't even looked in to check on her work. I'm sure it's fine. I don't really see myself vacuuming at 1am but I guess it could happen.

EDITED TO ADD: I almost forgot to mention the flavor of the month!

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