koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Community Garden

After all of the school stuff was done today, we went to a couple of libraries to pick up reserve items that had come in. I noticed a significant loss of power in the car and--maybe, or I could have imagined this--an extra rattle on acceleration. Yuck. I hope it's easy to fix.

Then it was our day to garden again. Now that the kids are back in school there is not as great a demand for volunteers, but Victoria and I found plenty of weeds to pull. You can read a little bit about the garden on their blog. One thing this community garden has really driven home for me is the weed-suppressing value of raised beds. I have raised beds and the weeds are manageable from the start. The community garden has mounds and they use straw as mulch. The people who know what they're doing say that the first couple of years will require aggressive weeding and then it will get easier. I prefer the kind that's easy right off the bat, at least for my little backyard garden.

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