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back to school

This week has been a little harried. We were supposed to begin class on Monday, but Monday was also É's first day back from vacation. I mean, I'm mean but I'm not that mean. I managed to squeeze some things in, but it was not a great first day of school. Tuesday (and a few other days in the near future) I had agreed to keep another kid, M, since his camp was over and the neighborhood school hasn't started yet. Another sub-optimal schoolday, although we did get to go to the library for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid ice cream truck tour. I thought we'd meet the author and learn about the new book, but it was just "here's your ice cream, go play on the playground", which M and V found perfectly satisfactory.

Today was art. É joined us but that still only brought the class size up to three kids. After that V and I had errands to run. We were supposed to go to the community garden next; Wednesday is watering day, though, and the weather was taking care of that for us. We stayed home and started to watch a movie, but it was a poor choice on my part and we had to turn it off because the Chinese invasion in Seven Years in Tibet really freaked V. She was very worried about our relations with Canada and Mexico after that and insisted upon calling Brian. To my relief, she concentrated on the thunderstorm during that phone conversation so I didn't have to defend or even discuss the movie thing. I loved the book, but I really didn't pick up the DVD with V in mind.

So for bedtime reading we're in the middle of Robin Hood, which has a high body count itself but doesn't seem to bother V one bit.

Brian has been traveling even more than usual. Fortunately he was home over the weekend, so aramintamd and I could have a bit of kid-free time Sunday morning, but he's not going to make it to Winfield this year for the music festival. Jennifer has agreed to come with us, which sounds like even more fun to me. I'm looking forward to it. Christopher starts work that week, or I would have invited him, too.

Once everyone accrues some vacation time, maybe we can take a family vacation. That would be weird! I think the last time all three kids were camping together was in Tennessee. Cripes!

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