koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Just like a Monday

Got up on time, no thanks to Under the Banner of Heaven, which 1) I started reading after midnight and 2) has no good stopping points. Checked my email. One nice order, one question about a VG+ $7 book: can you describe its condition in more detail? Did so. Deleted 83 messages of no consequence. Got dressed, wrapped the book, made Victoria's lunch, dressed her. She even let me comb her hair into a ponytail. I should have guessed then that the day was going too smoothly.

Heard a strange groaning as I turned the car around. Oh. Put the toy spare on and tossed the flat tire in the trunk. Went inside to wash my helper and my hands. Dropped Victoria at the babysitters. At work, the office smells like a carpet that has been soaked in filthy water and kept in a hot room for a day and a half. This makes sense when you recall Sunday's downpour and this building's tendency to welcome water into the 0300 suite. Physical Plant sends us a flotilla of dehumidifiers; now it is stinky AND noisy.

For lunch, I drive Jennifer and her friend to the bus station. I go to Kensington so that the service station guy can patch my tire while I visit some bookstores. I do, he does, I get back to work. It's still smelly. And noisy. Put up with it for a couple of hours and now it's time to pick up Victoria. Our plan is to buy some sunglasses for her today. Hoping it goes more smoothly than the day began...

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