koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Welcome Squirmy et al

Today by priority mail we received a little bundle of joy, a sack of 2,000 red wigglers. I thought they would be a little more impressive, but they are skinny things and seemed a bit travel-worn. At least two worm books have convinced me that they are crazy for melon rinds, so I made sure their first meal in their new home included plenty. I hope that cheers them up.

Grilling news: I have procured a flimsy screenish thing that sits atop the grill and makes grilling vegetables very simple. The packaging claimed it to be reusable and disposable, but I don't intend to dispose of it until squash season is well behind us.

I haven't made a to-do list all week and it shows. Very unproductive. I'll have to start doing something about that.

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