koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

killer serials

É and V have commandeered my bed and they are welcome to it, considering their first plan was to camp out in the back yard. In other progeny news we celebrate Jennifer's birthday today (woohoo!) and look forward to Christopher's completing the first section of the CPA exam on Monday.

When aramintamd and her crew blew through a couple of days ago, E draped my couch so fetchingly in fake fur that I am considering a jungle theme for the whole room. Stay tuned.

Here's a fun Book vs. Kindle video series from Green Apple Books in San Francisco:


They're on part three of ten now. It's just fun. Of course I love and covet the Kindle but I'm enjoying these things.

And here is a neat monthly feature from the New York Times about democracy or something:


That's all. This week went by so fast I didn't realize Friday was here until the trash truck went by.

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