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Brian invited his mom out for a visit to Columbus and I KNOW she was going to refuse until Jennifer strategically informed her that the entire family was betting against her coming to Columbus. To prove them wrong, she accepted and has been staying with us since Thursday.

I was sure we would have to rent a TV since her days are built around her favorite programs, but a short-term TV rental is hard to arrange so she is taking a real vacation here. She's not much of a walker, so most of our favorite sites are not good choices for entertainment; however, it turns out Bill O'Reilly has written plenty of books she's been meaning to read. I found a couple of them for her and she has been regaling us with his wit and charm. If she plows through his works, there is always Pat Buchanan. We also got some movies to watch at night. You Can't Take It With You was a winner, so I picked up another Capra movie I'd heard of but not seen, Arsenic and Old Lace. It was not well received: too weird. Brian really wanted me to get Seven Brides for Seven Brothers but it must be very popular. All the system's copies were checked out.

She had Brian all to herself for part of the weekend because Victoria and I were camping with the Adventure Scouts. This is a group of girls who wanted a more cub-scouty experience as the girl scouts for little kids around here seem to be more crafts than camping--or so I'm told. I didn't really shop around. This group happened by and they are swell so we joined. Saturday night the leader asked a local astronomers' club to come by the campground. Four men showed up with three different telescopes: a refractor, a reflector, and a catadioptric. The reflector was a homemade deal, too. These guys were great and Saturn was very cooperative as well. That was the high point for me, but Victoria was happiest learning how to use her knife. If you need a stick sharpened, she will be delighted to help you out.

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