koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

Back in Columbus

We left Maryland yesterday with Brian's mom, who will be staying with us until she can't stand it anymore. Instead of driving straight home, we stayed in West Virginia overnight because Brian had a meeting Friday in eastern Ohio at noon and it didn't make sense to drive to Columbus and then come right back. While we were at the hotel, I logged into Facebook for ten minutes, which was long enough to convince them that I have moved. I now see all the same ads I saw before, except they address me as Washington PA mom. Anyway, we got to New Concord and Brian did whatever it is he does as we toured the John and Annie Glenn historical site.

Back home, my plants look ok--the potatoes are better than ok, they are beautiful. I feel horrible about leaving them for several weeks when we go on vacation next month. But not horrible enough to forego traveling.

Tomorrow is spruce-up day for the church grounds, Victoria has a softball game, and then we're supposed to camp out with the scout troop. Brian's mom is going to accompany him to a meeting in Dayton instead of camping out. We're supposed to be camping until 2pm on Sunday, and I have children's theater tickets for 3pm. Hmm. I think we could make it, but if we miss seeing Peter Pan it won't be the end of the world. Probably. Yeah, if the world ends early Sunday evening I guess you'll know whom to blame.

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