koralleen (koralleen) wrote,


Brian always has a birthday about this time of year and that has happened. Every so often a kid graduates and this is one of those years: Christopher took his final final yesterday. Today he is having his wisdom teeth removed to celebrate. Victoria and I were planning to finish our curriculum early so that we'd be done before coming to Maryland and that has also been accomplished. So today she is racing around the place not learning anything--except she and Brian just put a rain barrel together, so she did learn how to use a drill. And we are going to Spanish class in an hour, something educational might happen there. My tomatoes are in. I'm supposed to be writing a treasurer's report right now, so it seemed like the perfect time to, you know, do anything else. Such as look up Archibald MacLeish on wikipedia, search eBay for discounted stamps, wash some dishes, eat another piece of birthday cake, go look at the tomato plants, update LJ...

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