koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

The Ohio Ice Cream Report

Thanks to kugelblitz, I squeezed a trip to the mall into our day. Häagen-Dazs was handing out free scoops from 4-8pm and when I looked online I saw there was a store minutes from where we were due to be at 4:30.

I was surprised to find a store at all--national ice cream chains seem to shy away from the ice-cream mad market in Columbus, where locals have a strong presence. But there it was, so there we were: Polaris Mall.

We entered at Macy's at 3:56. I didn't have a watch with me, but it wasn't long before I located a mall map and learned that we were about the mall's length from our destination, but at least we were on the right floor. We found the ice cream store and read all the flavors in the case that was easy to read, as the crowd was forming in front of the other case. But a dozen flavors is not enough for V to choose from, she had to butt in line to see what else was available.

Then while she was still deciding, the ice cream scooping lady asked me what we wanted. I said I wasn't in line yet and the lady behind me said, "Oh, that's ok, go ahead." It is free ice cream, people of Ohio! Do you not know how to act in the presence of free ice cream? Obviously not.

I asked for dulce du leche ice cream and the scooping lady asked what size. I said the free size. She said that was not a free flavor. Then we had to re-read all the flavors and choose ones with bees on the labels. This takes time, but the people in line continued to stand patiently awaiting their ice cream. Weird.

So V got strawberry, I got rocky road (it was good--and bee-friendly, I'm told) and it lasted just long enough for us to walk back to the car. We were early getting to the community center, which is good because the clay teacher is chatty to say the least. I read NOTHING, which sucks, but I did glaze three bowls for Empty Bowls, so that's $30 to the foodbank.

Anyway, I have to go wrap a sign in plastic now because it looks like rain and we have a rally to attend.

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