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When I came home from work Brian announced that he was taking Victoria to the pool. I thought I would get started on hiding things I wanted to keep out of his yard "sale" but I started in the garage and saw my bike. Poor bike has not been out for a long time. Such a long time! I pumped up the tires and oiled the chain. What a sweet bike it is--I decided to ride it to First Friday. I couldn't find a helmet anywhere. There are three of them somewhere on the premises, but where? I couldn't linger because the lights aren't working and I had to get to Greenbelt before dark. I decided that if I only rode trails I could probably get by without a helmet. Fun ride, fun party. I had to stay until dawn so that I'd have light to return by. It was still too dark for trails, so I chose that time to conveniently remember that my previous helmet-denting accidents have both been on trails. Another fun ride.

Saturday I devoted to hiding stuff. I took a short break to go to the PO and the bank and that's it. Around 9pm, Brian suggested we see Fahrenheit 9-11 in Silver Spring but when we got there the 9:40 show was sold out.

Sunday morning found Brian gleefully hauling stuff to the sidewalk. I mentioned that it looked like rain but he shared his meteorological theories with me and I decided to take a long walk. When I got back, two happy people were stuffing the futon in and atop a Corolla. Another guy was hauling a box of something hefty down the hill. A car was stopped in the street (no shoulder) with the passenger door hanging open while someone inspected the poster selection. Brian was tying branches into bundles in the front yard, so I only saw his back as I passed; he was holding his shoulders in a gloating manner. Ten minutes later, the skies opened. It rained buckets for the next couple of hours. During the deluge, people still managed to do some shopping. We came out to mop up and found two chairs and a bookshelf gone. We'll do it again tomorrow, it was such fun.

We went back to Silver Spring and watched the movie tonight. Brian really enjoyed it and did not share my reservations about the lack of subtlety. He wants to take Christopher, which should be interesting. I hope he does.

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