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I stood up the outgoing treasurer today. We were supposed to meet at a bank and then she was going to hand over all the files and stuff. But earlier in the day, 2am-ish, I got a request to babysit for someone in a bind and I said sure, no problem, because that's pretty much what I always say when people sound like that. I didn't look at my calendar all day and the appointment completely slipped my mind. Crap. So she sat around in the bank parking lot for a while and then figured out I wasn't coming and now I feel terrible.

What else? I had to pay $2.50 in fines for returning two DVDs late and we never watched either one. And I tossed two trays of started seeds because they smelled awful and looked moldy. I started them too early anyway, but yuck. Speaking of which, that stupid kidney stone has yet to appear.

On the other hand, two other trays of seeds (broccoli and way too many tomatoes) look lovely and smell just right. And I set up another tray to replace the ruined ones. And we found a decent refinance rate for the mortgage. And tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny. Since we have a turkey talk at the park in the morning, I need to stop brooding and get some sleep.

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