koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

fair warning

Brian has kindly informed me that this weekend he is holding another yard sale. For him, a yard sale consists of hauling everything for which he can see no need out to the sidewalk in front of the house. Pricing items is a tedious exercise, so he just gives the stuff away. I appreciate the advance notice because it gives me a chance to hide the things I wish to keep. Last year I lost a hefty stack of computer pieces due to careless storage, not to mention the leather jacket and my favorite piano bench. To be honest, it was my only piano bench. But the loss stung for a day or two.

Brian likes to think of himself as a minimalist. I am more of a packrat. I try not to let his extremism fuel mine, but it is quite an effort. About five years ago he was gripped with a strange fury to eliminate unnecessary items of clothing from the house. He went through all the closets and drawers and laundry baskets. Everyone came home from work or school that day to find his or her remaining two pairs of shorts, two pairs of pants, and five shirts. Underwear was safe, and so were skirts and dresses. Jennifer, who was at the prime age for righteous indignation anyway, went completely ape. It was scary. And loud.

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