koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

a good thing, a dumb thing, and a few other things

I saw a real live bluebird in my backyard yesterday! First he was on the telepone wire. Then he flew to the top of the birdfeeder. Then he sat on a tree limb. He did actually bring happiness; I was thrilled. I tried to convey this excitement to Victoria but failed.

Then a little later I was finishing up some stuff on the computer and I looked at stupid facebook and one of my stupid friends--ok, he's not truly "stupid" but what kind of "friend" would do this?--posted a song that reminded me that stupid youtube might have something I'd been wanting to hear again and sure enough it did and then click-click-stupid-click and it's 4am. Stupid!

But since I'm here I will also say that my furnace sounds weird and smells worse so I shut it off. The frog has neither returned nor sent a postcard so I think he's history. The clay teacher at the rec center thinks I read too much so she insisted I come to her studio class on Tuesdays when V is in kung fu. There could be a pinch pot in my future.

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