koralleen (koralleen) wrote,

spring and all

...Matilda naturally understood that Pridmore did not wish to be reminded of the time when she was an automatic nagging machine, so of course, like a kind and polite little girl, she let the subject drop.
- The Cockatoucan

I thought a little E. Nesbit might soften the blow. I am sorry to have to report the loss of our fabulous frog who once pedaled happily in the front yard. I suspect youthful miscreants, and heartless ones at that since a MISSING FROG poster has dangled from the mailbox for the past two days to no effect. My next step is to erect an oversized milk carton on his vacant spot with a HAVE YOU SEEN ME? photo and plea.

There is plenty of good news, though. Thanks to craigslist, I found a nice Trek hybrid for Brian and a pink bike for Victoria. The old one was pink, too, but her knees don't hit the handlebars on this one when she pedals.

I planted peas outside and broccoli inside. I thought I would put lights up under the shelves on that behemoth of a desk I have yet to discard, but I found a better place for them under the vanity in my bedroom. I'm just going to add one more frame this year, a deeper one for some carrots.

I washed the sheers from the big front window and replaced a bunch of busted sliding pieces, which was a bit of a chore. I was quite relieved when I got the rod back on the wall and everything pulled and slid as before--although I was unable to screw the brackets back together by myself (I tried to get Victoria to help but she refused to grow any taller that morning) so I used paperclips, which is how the pioneer women hung sheers anyway so I'm feeling authentic as all get-out.

Speaking of pioneer women, I have a stack of stars I pieced together with no end in mind. Recently I decided I would put them together and make a tablecloth for the kitchen, but then I decided they needed more red--I have this thing about red in that kitchen--so I thought maybe a reddish border around each star would be helpful. What would be really helpful would be if I had any idea how to do any of this, but there is no quilting book in the four libraries I've visited that appeals to me. I did start to read Janet Catherine Berlo's Quilting Lessons, which did me no good whatsoever since it is the memoir of a privileged prof who consoles herself with quilting as she experiences some sort of breakdown/writer's block. My pioneer women would have Superglued everything together by now and they'd be serving something and dumplings on it. I'll figure it out.

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