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an assortment of occurrences

This past weekend I made up for my listless, sickly week prior by bustling about the kitchen making extraordinarily magnificent food. Saturday was potato-filled roti, dal (finally! It's just like the babysitter's) and rice, and curried cauliflower. Sunday was no less delicious. There was meat and mushroom sauce and gnocchi and brussels sprouts. I've just finished all the leftovers.

There is a big push from the school to have parents write, call, and speak at hearings to protest the governor's education proposal. It cuts charter funding and guts online school funding. I wasn't really prepared to go to the hearing downtown on Tuesday, but I was toying with the notion when I read that the Scholastic warehouse in Cincinnati was having a sale the same day. I certainly hope our school doesn't collapse, but I did get some cool stuff. Just the week before, I had been charged with collecting the prizes for our neighborhood egg hunt, so I got a bunch of stuff at the sale for that, plus enough shark books to keep V happy for a while.

Today we went to the park to make paper and journals, then raced back home in time for art. Tomorrow we have tickets to see Alice in Wonderland as a ballet. Friday I have two options at noon: opera or a talk about the Arctic. I'll let V's mood determine which I attend. And then I will jump right back online and let you know what happened.

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